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    Goddess of Paris! Law Of Attraction Retreat - Learn more at:

    Manifest Your Power! Goddess Sister Circle NYC

    Change your life with me to a fairytale French castle to manifest your desires! Release the legacy of lack & become a MIRACLE MANIFESTING MAGNET. Leave your same ole/same ole life behind for this immersive mind-body-spirit, feminine power, law of...

    Screenagers Screening Hosted By The Waldo School


    On July 22nd at 6:00 pm, The Waldo School will be hosting a special screening of the movie Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age. Screenagers dives into how our children develop in our world that is rapidly becoming more connected to...

    Second Nonfiction Bookworm Happy Hour

    Nonfiction Bookworm Social

    Just bring your love of nonfiction reading. This will be our second meeting. Your chance to help set the course of the group. We'll meet towards the back of the first floor. Look for the "Meetup" table top sign. Agenda:Self introduction.What...

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